Supply Chain Planning with
SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)

Attain tightly coordinated supply chain planning processes
across business functions and new revenue streams


Respond Quickly and Effectively to Changes with Supply Chain Planning

Ensure optimum customer service levels through right-sized inventories

Reach desired service levels while maintaining optimal inventory and flow across the supply chain network to minimize the bullwhip effect of high buffer inventories.

Avoid constant firefighting and expediting

Leverage a “traffic-light” system to monitor and advise optimal inventory and buffer levels across each decoupling point while creating replenishment orders based on actual demands.

Increase profitability

Prioritize orders in real-time based on live buffer sizing and use these priorities to execute replenishment.


Sales and Operations Planning

Combine inputs from various sources to build an agreed Sales and Operations Planning commitment. The collaborative consensus demand can be mapped against the supply ability. Evaluate the significance of each action to reach a financially feasible and technically actionable strategic plan to be proposed in the executive sales and operations meeting for management approval. The plan can be revised and approved regularly during each planning cycle in parallel with the changes in the business.

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Forecasting and Demand Management

Create a sound demand plan based on analysis of historic data patterns that recommend probable statistical forecast models and the ability to strategically segment data sets according to the product importance and variability. In the end, it must ensure planners focus their attention on the right products and key areas of statistical forecasting.

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Inventory Planning and Optimization

Find the right balance between keeping working capital low while maximizing customer service levels and reducing inventory carrying using Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization. This may also include a strategic “what if analysis” to evaluate the target inventory level under various revenue and service assumptions.

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Response and Supply Planning

Use various supply planning algorithms to satisfy demand requirements. An unconstrained heuristic, constrained optimization leveraging penalty costs and capacity restraints. A demand prioritization algorithm can also generate allocation plans, reconfirm sales orders, and create deployment plans while considering the modeled supply chain constraints. It contains many data visibility and analysis options to review bottlenecks in the supply chain and their impacts on demand.

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Supply Chain Monitoring

Connect various relevant supply chain sources to obtain end-to-end visibility across your network providing insights into the current performance of the supply chain. Also, manage exceptions by creating custom alerts that help planners to respond quickly to dynamic changes.

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Bizbrain Technologies partook in co-innovation projects at SAP, which transformed the solution into its current version today. Established by the founders of the former Go to Market team of SAP Digital Supply Chain, Bizbrain has been involved with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) since the genesis of the solution. From then on, we have been offering services with seasoned key architects and consultants equipped with more than 25 years of supply chain experience.

Some of Our Supply Chain Planning Solution References

Matthew Flood,
VP for IT, Prestige Brands

“With SAP’s IBP cloud solution, our VP of Sales can do Annual Sales Quota planning in few hours compared to days, and all sales team members can collaborate and achieve consensus Sales Forecast numbers centrally while providing visibility to management team instantaneously. Bizbrain Technologies delivered this project from concept to go-live in 12 weeks. This is a very fast ROI.”

SAP Integrated Business Planning for the chemical industry: a real story

One of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies wanted to overcome the struggle they were facing due to fragmented supply chain management (SCM). SAP IBP implementation encouraged the engagement of all stakeholders, gave them end-to-end visibility, enabled demand collaboration, and simplified forecast enrichment.

Demystifying how buyers collaborate with suppliers

Discover how Bizbrain Technologies help SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) customers to support forecast commitment and to enhance contract manufacturing scenarios with real-time visibility into the on-hand inventory and manufacturing capacity on the supplier side.


Transform your supply chain into a digitally connected, synchronized network

Facilitate the sharing of forecast and manufacturing visibility between buyers, suppliers and contract manufacturers.


SAP Integrated Business Planning for the chemical industry: a real story

One of the largest plastics, chemicals, and refining companies implemented SAP IBP, got end-to-end visibility, enabled demand collaboration, and simplified forecast enrichment.


CarePharma IBP success case

Learn how SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) retired the use of Excel-based Demand Planning


AmeriCo. Group: How a scalable planning process based on SAP IBP improves planning performance and reduces operational risks.

AmeriCo. Group implemented a planning solution in a heterogeneous data landscape integrating SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), SAP Fashion Management Solution (FMS), and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).

Dec 5, 2022
2pm EST
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Flexi Shoes: The first SAP IBP-Fashion Management solution implemented in the shoe industry improved decision-making

Lean about the implementation process, difficulties, results, and business benefits of this cutting-edge implementation.

Nov 08 2022
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Demystifying how buyers collaborate with suppliers

Benefit from insightful live integrated solution demo and discover how Bizbrain Techonologies help SAP IBP customers to support forecast commitment and enhance contract manufacturing scenarios.

Aug 31, 2022
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